Bagus Mutendi | #AfricaWritesFest2016 – 3 Days of Soul-Searching Stories & Narratives
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#AfricaWritesFest2016 – 3 Days of Soul-Searching Stories & Narratives

The @AfricaWritesUK Fest I talked about here happened over the weekend and if I were to give a report that would be three posts back-to-back but thanks to the following persons who helped me tell the stories and changing narratives firsthand, from @ChumaNwokolo reading from his ‘How To Spell Naija in 100 Short Stories’ and talking about stories having a soul to Sarah Ladipo Mayinka, author of @MedinaBookClub book for July (Like A Mule Bringing Icecream to the Sun) saying we need to pay attention to literature in native African languages to @yomotoso talking about her love for Simi Bedford ‘Yoruba Girl Dancing’ to Kenyan poet, Abdilatif Abdalla reading an excerpt from one author I respect, Ayi Kwei Armah’s The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born and the list goes on. There was something and everything happening all at one. Glean the stories for yourself…


Photo & Stories credit: @TandF_Africa @iTunu_Speaks @Nowahalastories @JillNicholls@Black_Applause @WhatLyesBeneath @ayosogunro @african_italian @RSLDirector @ChambersNadine @AbiBegho @AfricaWritesUK @AlannaBooksUK @from18toLife @TheMarshAgency @EmmaShercliff @ObiandTiti @DzifaAppeah @tunrayo_akande @LizzyAttree @essaysmythe @adambeyoncelowe @RaymondAntrobus @calebfemi5 @Kamaria_Press @NISMYPro @BeckMSwift @bronzebygold @SisterKilljoy @katehaines @leyeadenle @NawalElSaadawi1 @ChumaNwokolo @yomotoso @BernadineEvari @bookshybooks @JoyGharoro @royaafrisoc @bharitmehta @afrikult @bisialimi

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