Bagus Mutendi | #MoonchildGate – Shots Fired
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#MoonchildGate – Shots Fired


Social media has its pros and cons but sometimes I think people overdo things in their bid to gain cheap publicity. The perfect gentleman @Moonchild509 who can do no wrong in my eyes had a certain Josite (nickname for University of Jos, Nigeria alumnae)thanking him for accepting to be his friend and that sparked a heated debate on his character as a ‘too important’ writer which I dare say as a lawyer was defamatory but in my alter-ego way decided to stand up for him not necessarily because I have met him in person but because he has helped emerging writers and poets that I know of in his own little way – anonymously. So I can imagine how peeved he must be to respond to this ‘wannabe’ called ….

Go over to his Facebook page and help me put this …. in his place. @thatgirldorian @brittlepaper

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